Finalist for Environmental Recognition Award

April 18, 2015

Effect is pleased to be a finalist for the Environmental Recognition Award presented by the Canadian Home Builders Association - Edmonton Region. Winners will be announced at the Awards of Excellence in Housing Gala on April 25, 2015.

January 3, 2015
Edmonton’s Effect Home Builders has been named to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s first Net Zero Energy Housing Council. The council’s mandate is to support innovations by builders and renovators who voluntarily pursue net-zero energy performance. Council members were selected for competence and experience they’ve demonstrated in net-zero or R-2000 housing.

“Effect is extremely pleased to be selected to work with this progressive group. We will be encouraging widespread adoption of net zero energy concepts and increasing the overall efficiency and sustainability of Canadian housing” says Dale Rott, Managing Partner of Effect Home Builders.
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October 20, 2014
The latest Effect Home achieves an Energuide rating of 93! This news brought smiles to both the home owners and the Effect Team! The rating could even increase if the solar-electric system is expanded in the future.
Latest Effect Home Achieves Energuide rating of 93!

March 21, 2014
Environmental Recognition Award Presented to Effect
The Effect team was pumped to receive the Environmental Recognition Award presented by the Canadian Home Builders Association - Edmonton Region. Congratulations to all the other finalists and winners.
Effect Receives 2014 Enviro Recognition Award

February 14, 2014
Hot off the press! This video shows how to build a net zero energy home that produces as much energy as it consumes.
How to Build a Net Zero Energy Home

December 12, 2013
Effect welcomes the new owners of the Belgravia Green show home! We are excited as they begin their net zero energy journey. Congratulations!

October 4, 2013
Mike Holmes Arrives in Style to Launch Sustainable Community
Creekside Ravine
Mike Holmes arrived in style on a school bus full of junior high children to launch Creekside Ravine sustainable community in Edmonton. This pristine ravine community located at the intersection of Chahley Landing and Chahley Way and is comprised of 16 spectacular lots. Call 780-450-1399 to reserve your lot.
Kids with Mike Holmes

September 30, 2013
Creekside Ravine

Join Mike Holmes at the project launch of Creekside Ravine at Cameron Heights on October 4th, 2013 at 1pm.

Effect Home Builders is pleased to be a Holmes Approved Builder participating in this Pristine Ravine Community. The development consists of 16 custom homes which are built right from the ground up. Click to learn more about Creekside Ravine.

For more information call 780-450-1399 or email

September 5, 2013
View the video played at the 2013 Emerald Awards on the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Project. The Emerald Awards recognize and reward the excellent environmental initiatives undertaken each year in Alberta. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

August 31, 2013
First Home Builder to win Sustainable Concrete Award!

Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home wins Sustainable Award at ACI Alberta Awards of Excellence in Concrete! This is the first time a builder has ever won this award from the American Concrete Institute! See the award video

June 7, 2013
Mike Holmes Visits Belgravia Green Net Zero Show Home

Mike Holmes was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd during his visit to Effect Home Builders Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home on June 7. Mike spoke about building better homes in Edmonton and his partnership with Effect Home Builders as Edmonton's first Holmes Approved Builder.

Video of Mike Holmes on Effect Home Builders.

Mike Holmes Speaking at Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home

June 2, 2013
You can meet Mike Holmes in person at the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home on Friday June 7th from noon to 1pm. The home is located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton.

Meet Mike Holmes!

Mike Holmes is flexing his muscles in Edmonton with a new minimum code for home building that he says will set a higher standard for the housing industry. In partnership with Effect Home Builders, Mike is set to launch the Holmes Approved Homes program in Edmonton.

“I partnered with Effect Home Builders for two reasons,” states Mike Holmes. “First, when it comes to building green homes they are leaders. And two, they share my same values for quality construction and build above industry standards.”

The Holmes Approved Homes program emphasizes customized quality and energy efficiency, incorporating industry-leading products that help protect both the home and homeowner.

“I have my own fully-trained inspectors inspect every home at least six times documenting everything they see,” added Holmes. “They make sure every unit meets what I think will be tomorrow’s new standards for homebuilding. No other certification does that.”

Effect Home Builders was recently awarded the 2012 CHBA National Green Home Award for their Belgravia Net Zero Energy Home—a home that produces as much energy as it consumes. As the only builder in Canada to receive this award, they are recognized as one of Canada’s Top Green Home Builders. This show home is located at 11536 – 74 Avenue, Edmonton.

You can meet Mike Holmes himself, who will be touring the home while open to the public for viewing on June 7th from noon to 1pm.

“I had to come see this project for myself”, Mike states, ”I have heard some really great things about what Effect Home Builders accomplished here and I look forward to joining forces and building together”.

Every Holmes Approved Home built by Effect Home Builders will be EnerGuide rated to verify the high level of energy efficiency.

For additional information on Effect Home Builders or a virtual tour of the Net Zero Energy show home click here.

June 1, 2013
Eco-Solar Tour
Effect was pleased to have two homes in the free Eco-Solar Home Tour on Saturday June 1 from noon to 4pm. Both the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton and the ultra-efficient duplex located at 6226-106 Street, Edmonton saw huge crowds during the event. There were 12 fabulous homes on the tour in total.

May 25, 2013
Edmonton Journal Features Effect Home with Geothermal Heating
Read about an ultra-efficient home recently build by Effect in the Edmonton Journal. The stylish home features geothermal heating and many other energy efficient features. Retirement 'Cabin' in the City

April 23, 2013
Effect Home Builders has just become Edmonton's first and only Holmes Approved Builder! We are very excited to join forces with The Holmes Group – we share the same philosophy of quality and sustainability.

Effect Home Builders is a Holmes Approved Builder

Mike Holmes, President of The Holmes Group stated “I have my own inspectors review each home, both during and after construction. They make sure all Holmes Approved Homes meet what will be the new standard of home building for tomorrow.”

This third party verification will add to the peace-of-mind of new home owners, confirming that their Effect-built home delivers unmatched quality – both now and for the future when they go to resell.

For more information see the press release on Mike Holmes "Make it Right" website.

April 13, 2013
Edmonton Journal Features an Effect Home
Read about a house recently built by Effect Home Builders in the Edmonton Journal article A Modern Take on Arts and Crafts.

April 12, 2013
Belgravia Green Net Zero Project named a finalist in the Emerald Awards!
Emerald Award Finalist

Winners to be announced June 6, 2013. This is in addition to local and provincial awards won by Effect in 2012, including Green Home Award for ALL OF CANADA from the national body of the CHBA, Green Home Award from CHBA - Alberta, Environmental Recognition Award from CHBA - Edmonton, and Best Infill Project in the Green Home of the Year Awards.

April 9, 2013
Effect Home Builders is pleased to sponsor the Eco-Solar Home Tour on June 1, 2013 from noon to 4pm. More details to follow!

March 16, 2013
2012 Environmental Recognition Award was presented to Effect by the Canadian Home Builders Association - Edmonton on Saturday evening at the Awards of Excellence in Housing.
Thank you to the CHBA - Edmonton for putting on such a wonderful Masquerade Gala!
Visit CHBA - Edmonton for more details on the event.

March 8, 2013
Green Home Award Winner for CANADA! Effect Home Builders is thrilled be the winner for ALL OF CANADA in the 2012 Green Home Award category presented on March 8, 2013 by the national body of the Canadian Home Builders Association. This is in addition to local and provincial awards won by Effect in 2012, including the Environmental Recognition Award from CHBA - Edmonton, the Green Home Award from CHBA - Alberta and the Best Infill Project in the Green Home of the Year Awards.

Green Home Award

December 9, 2012
Green Builder Magazine awards Effect Home Builders with Best Infill Project for the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home. Click to read the magazine. Article is on pages 39 and 40.

November 24, 2012
Net Zero Energy Home Open Saturday, Nov 24. Come in. Explore. Ask Questions!
Visit the Net Zero Energy Show Home on Saturday November 24 from 2 - 4 pm. The show home is nestled in the Belgravia neighbourhood in Edmonton at 11536 - 74 Avenue. The home can also be seen by calling 780-450-1399 for an appointment. Come in. Explore. Ask Questions!

September 21, 2012
Green Home Award Winner for Alberta Effect Home Builders was pleased to receive the Green Home Award for Alberta at the Canadian Home Builders Awards of Excellence conference held in Jasper.
Green Home Award Winner

September 12, 2012
Real Time Monitoring of Solar Electric System!
See the real time results of the Belgravia Green Solar Electric System. The solar electric system installed on the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home has already generated 11.7 MWh of clean energy! We believe constant innovation, monitoring and sharing of information enhance the green building community. Click on the link above to see the system performance.

July 23, 2012
Awards of Excellence Finalist Effect Home Builders is pleased to be named a finalist for the Green Home Award in the Awards of Excellence in Housing presented by Canadian Home Builders Association - Alberta. The awards ceremony will take place on September 21, 2012 in Jasper.

July 15, 2012
Belgravia Green on Cover of Home Power Magazine The August/Sept 2012 edition of Home Power Magazine features the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Show Home on the front cover as well as full story on the project.

June 9, 2012
Eco-Solar Home Tour a Big Success! The Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Home (located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton) was one of the sites in the 13th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour on Saturday June 9th, from noon to 4 pm. Experts with a wide variety of energy and water resource-saving technologies in new construction and retrofit applications were on hand for the free tour. Thank you to everyone who attended the lively event!

June 1, 2012
CBC Radio Active podcast featuring Kevin Taft and Jeanette Boman's involvement in Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Project.

May 26, 2012 Excellent article in the May 26, 2012 Business Section of the Edmonton Journal on the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Project. Click here to read it.

April 22, 2012
Earth Day Festival a Fun and Successful Event!
Effect Home Builders enjoyed celebrating Earth Day at Fort Edmonton Park on April 22, 2012. Thank you to the organizers of this great event!

April 19, 2012
Elementary, high school and post-secondary students recently toured the Belgravia Green Net Zero Energy Show Home. This is in addition to teachers, goverment departments, local gardening groups, utility companies and other local builders who have already toured the home.

March 17, 2012
Effect Home Builders received the Environmental Recognition Award at the 2012 Awards of Excellent in Housing and was a finalist for the Best Single Family Award. Special thanks for the Canadian Home Builders' Association for the awards gala and to the entire Effect team for making it happen!
Finalist Image

March 10, 2012 The Grand Opening for the Belgravia Green Net Zero project was a big success on March 10 and 11, 2012. Nearly 1600 visitors came to see the net-zero energy home and ask questions. Located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton, this show home is now open Sundays from 2pm - 4 pm or by appointment. Mayor Stephen Mandel cuts ribbon at Belgravia Green Net Zero Opening Ceremony
Les Wold, Mayor Stephen Mandel, Jeanette Boman and MLA Kevin Taft cut ribbon at Belgravia Green Net Zero Opening Ceremony.

October 15, 2011
Over 400 people stepped out on the roof deck to see the solar-electric system up close during the construction tour of the Belgravia Green project on Saturday October 15 from noon - 4 pm. Air tightness demonstrations were part of the tour as well as answering questions on the three homes. A special thank you to Jeanette Boman for making fresh apple fritters and mint tea from apples and mint leaves both grown right in Belgravia! The Belgravia Green Net Zero Project is located at 11536 - 74 Avenue, Edmonton. The homes are nearing completion and the final tour date will be announced shortly.

August 1, 2011
Solar-Electric System Installed on Belgravia Green Net Zero Show Home!
Belgravia Green Net Zero Solar Electric System
Les Wold sits on Edmonton’s newest and 2nd largest residential solar-electric system as the final modules are installed. This 58-module system is designed to generate all of the house’s net electricity and heating energy over the year. All the little silver boxes mounted onto the rails are micro-inverters -- each solar-electric module feeds its own inverter and together they act as a separate independent solar-electric system. This system is 12kW and is tied to the grid.

The deck which Les' feet are on, but not visible in this picture, overlooks a beautiful park. Great for sipping a coffee and reading the newspaper while electricity is quietly generated behind him!

June 5, 2011
Effect Home Builders was pleased to be part of the Eco-Solar Home Tour on June 4. Thank you for to the Eco Solar Home Tour organizing committee and all the volunteers. 364 people came out to ask questions and see the homes.

May 2, 2011
Thank you to the 831 individuals who attended the first Belgravia Green Net Zero construction tour on April 30 and May 1.


Three Net Zero homes are under construction in the Belgravia neighbourhood in Edmonton. The project affectionately referred to as Belgravia Green is a collaboration between home owners, local experts and Effect Home Builders. Together they are pushing the envelope to design and build Net Zero homes that produce as much energy throughout the year as they consume.

Belgravia Green Homes
3 Homes in Belgravia Green Net Zero Project at 11536-74 Avenue, Edmonton

Technology in the Three Belgravia Green Homes:

Advanced wall systems
Different wall systems combined with various technologies are being used to demonstrate diverse methods to achieve Net Zero energy consumption.

The showhome and neighbouring home to the West will feature a 12" Nascor Wall System made with engineered wood and expanded polystyrene which achieve an insulation value of R-42. These walls are structural engineered wood columns coated with Pink Wood, a non-toxic coating which make the columns fire resistant, water resistant, and mould-free.

The neighbouring home to the East is being constructed using 16” Double stud wood frame achieving an insulation value of R-56.

All three foundations will be constructed using the Advantage ICF System with an additional interior wall for extra insulation. The result is a foundation with an R-40 insulation value.

Triple pane windows from All Weather Windows containing two coats of low e film, argon gas filled glazing with insulating spacers between panes will be installed.

Solar Electricity
Solar-electric systems located on all three homes will generate electricity to supply their own electricity needs, and sell the excess to local utilities on any sunny second in time. These systems are designed and developed by Howell Mayhew Engineering and installed by Great Canadian Solar and DayStar Renewables.

Passive solar
South facing windows will allow the sun's warmth to be absorbed by the structural concrete floor in the showhome. Hambro floor joists will provide support for this structural concrete floor which will be used as a thermal mass for storage and distribution of passive solar energy.

Insulation products
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) will be used under basement concrete slabs. EPS is also part of the Plastifab Advantage Insulating Concrete Form, and in the Nascor advanced wall. EPS is non-toxic, CFC-free, mould-free, and provides a stable insulating value (will not diminish with age).
Cellulose will be blown into the double stud wood framed walls and attics. It is densely packed in the walls to avoid settling. Cellulose is made predominantly from post-consumer recycled paper.

Each Belgravia Green home will have a completely different heating system.

Geothermal heating
One home will be heated with a geothermal (ground source heat pump) system to be installed by Threshold Energies. This requires a slightly higher initial investment but runs at approximately 250% efficiency.

Electric baseboard heating
Electric baseboard heaters will heat another home, are 100% efficient and require a low initial investment.

Air-source heat pump
The showhome will be heated with an air source heat pump which is a specially designed heat pump for cold weather climates. Efficiencies range from 100%-400% depending on outdoor temperature.

High efficient Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) will be installed in each of the homes. These units provide fresh air by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The incoming air is pre-heated by the exhausting air, recovering up to 88% of the heat. Electrical usage is low due to an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) in the HRV.

More details can be found in the Belgravia Green Brochure or emailing questions to or calling 780-450-1399.